February 3, 2022

4 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing for Your Business

These days, you can barely find a social media platform that doesn’t host video content creating capabilities. Ever since TikTok blew up as the most popular short form video app in the world, the more established powerhouses of social media like Instagram and YouTube have added their own short video tools as well.

If you’re trying to increase your business conversions, adding video content into your marketing strategy is a must. Here at Digital Space Marketing, we’ll explain why harnessing the potential of video marketing can promote your business. In no time, you’ll enjoy better brand visibility and connection with your customers.

1. Increase Your Organic Lead Generation

If you want to know why video is good for marketing, then organic lead generation is the place to start. By simply adding videos to your website alone, you can significantly increase your organic search rankings on the biggest search engines like Google, Bing, and especially YouTube. When over a billion users consume over 250 million hours of content on the platform each day, YouTube has earned its reputation as the second-largest search engine in the world. A simple explainer video you create can help you capture more leads with the help of a paid advertising campaign.

2. Capture Audience Attention And Engagement

Wondering how video marketing can help your business? It’s the king of content where audience engagement is concerned. According to Hootsuite, nearly 51.7% of global internet users aged 16 to 64 report that watching videos, TV shows, and movies is their primary reason for using the internet. In addition, 86% of people say they would like to see more videos from brands. These statistics are proof enough that video is the medium of choice for your prospective customers.

3. Create Stronger Brand Connection

In a world where millions of businesses are competing for the attention of customers, you’ll have to put your best foot forward to capture a slice of that pie. This is where you’ll need to learn how to promote your business with video. As the only medium that stimulates your audience in an audio and visual manner, video marketing is essentially crucial for your brand to stand out among the crowd. It can create lasting impressions that benefit you in the long term with customer loyalty. In fact, nearly 94% of marketers reported that video converted the same or better than any other content form.

4. Reach A New Audience

The presence of TikTok as a popular global platform serves to benefit you in more ways than one. You’ll not only be able to post videos there, but also take advantage of the ways other social media apps are trying to compete. For instance, in 2020, Instagram launched their Instagram Reels tool which allows you to upload short video clips. In the very same year, YouTube also created YouTube shorts, which empowers you to upload video clips in under a minute. Because these tools are relatively new, both platforms will try to artificially boost views to incentivize more creators. By using this timeframe now to post as many short videos as possible, you’ll be able to maximize your brand’s reach to a new audience.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how video marketing can help your business, it’s time to add the power of video into your content strategy. If you don’t know where to start, you can leave it to our social media marketing experts here at Digital Space Marketing to promote your business and set it up for success. We’ll help you identify the videos you can create and optimize them for the most conversions on a variety of social media platforms. Ready to harness the power of video marketing? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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