June 17, 2020

5 Tips for Creating Successful and Effective Advertising Campaigns

Many business owners and entrepreneurs believe advertising should sell. In this era, marketing and advertising should make you fall in love. The next step for advertising is being RADICAL because information is free and competition is fierce.

Therefore, to create an effective ad campaign, you must craft a message that is memorable and inseparable from your brand.

Advertising campaigns are used to isolate your audience’s unique problems and to solve them with your product or service.

Your campaigns should be meaningful and personalized to your potential customers, so they generate the highest ROI.

A visual representation of the different channels you can use for an effective advertising campaigns.

Once a potential customer brings you into their world by clicking on one of your ads, you want to be everywhere in their world :)

Taking a globalized approach to your advertising campaign, let us have a look at our 5 tips for creating a successful and effective advertising campaign.

1. Craft a Unique Selling Point

To start off, you need to isolate what makes your business unique.

To create an effective ad campaign, you need to know your product or service, and your client’s wants and needs.

Some of the questions you could ask while creating your selling point are:

  • What is your solution to your audience’s pain points?

  • How are you different from your competitor? Is it pricing, customer experience, pricing, convenience, location, etc.?

  • How long is the sales cycle of your industry?

  • What are your competitors doing in their advertising campaigns?

  • Where are your potential customers located?

  • Do you have a specific niche you serve?

  • What platforms are you going to use?

Take the time to really dig into these questions and craft a unique selling point for your potential clients. In the end, the more defined you have your audience’s wants and needs, you will be able to create a value proposition that is too good to scroll by.

2. Refresh Your Campaigns with Personalization

Having a solid selling point is not enough to run an effective ad campaign.

The next ingredient you must craft is how to stand out and wipe out your competitors.

A simple way you can do this is to refresh your campaigns with personalization and customized messages.

As the quote says, “Divide and Conquer.”

This is key because we live in an era where people look for brands they trust and can solve their specific situations.

So, if you can personalize your advertising campaign towards the viewer on the other side of the screen, you will get higher response rates.

3. Use a New Format or Choose a Different Channel for Ads

Today, we are hearing more about the term “reinventing.” Everyone is looking to reinvent and revamp their business operations.

To do this, you must refresh your advertising campaigns. After understanding the data from numerous advertising campaigns, you should try different angles, consider using new formats or even jumping onto a different channel.

Maybe, you have been working with photo or graphic content for your campaigns. How about creating video ads?

In fact, 51% of marketers use video ads because it has been proven to bring the highest ROI. One of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention is to create video ads.

Keep in mind, attention spans are between 5 to 8 seconds.

Your videos need to hook your audience within the first few seconds and keep them watching.

The longer each viewer engages with your video, the higher chance you could gain a potential lead.

Consider reworking your advertising campaigns to place them on new various channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Remember, each platform has post dimensions that you should follow to create an effective ad campaign across the board.

4. Refine Your Understanding of Who You Are Targeting

Have you defined a target audience?

It can be quite easy to fall into a wide range of targets when there is not a clear understanding of the product or service’s value proposition.

This may negatively affect advertising campaigns because not every audience reacts to them equally.

If you are trying to be specific with your ad campaigns, make sure to understand who you are targeting, what demographics they fit into, and what segment of the economy they are in.

As mentioned before, the more refined your customer personas are, you have a higher chance to generate the reactions you want. Look into previous advertising data, organic reach, and website viewer behaviors.

Then, you will clearly pinpoint what is and is not working.

5. Define Your Goals & Expectations

An advertising campaign will have a higher success rate if you start out with clear and defined goals. These goals will determine how to approach the advertising campaign. 

What are the expected results? Is it traffic, sales, subscriptions?

Then, the call to action for each individual campaign can be defined, increasing the success rate. For instance, to generate subscribers to your mailing list, you need to present the clear value each user receives from taking this action.

On the other hand, for product sales, running a discount campaign could increase the volume of sales and customer loyalty to the brand. Understanding what your goals are will allow you to control expectations, and truly focus on the result of your campaign.

These are our 5 tips to create successful and effective advertising campaigns. Consider them while you create the next advertising strategy.

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