December 22, 2020

8 Content Marketing Tips for Law Firms

While content is king, for law firms, it can also be a downfall. Content that is offensive, too narrow in scope, or that is filled with heavy mistakes can bring about ridicule and backlash against your firm. When reputation is everything, the content is vital to the firm’s image and therefore, must be engaging, meaningful, and easy to understand.

Unfortunately, not all law firms understand this and make grave mistakes in the process.

That’s why we are here to help! Below are our tips for generating worthwhile content for your law firm.

8 Content Marketing Tips For Law Firms

1. Review Your Own Content

One of the bigger mistakes you can make when it comes to digital marketing is never reviewing your own content. If you choose to trust an outsider to review your content and post it live, they may miss offensive material due to a lack of understanding of context.

It is highly recommended that you always have the last say in all content that is produced, edited, and published on your website.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have a marketing team or a go-to writer or even a colleague that edits your work; we are just saying that it is safer to always review your content before passing it off to the world wide web.

Remember that as a law firm, your content represents your firm and if that content isn’t good; your reputation can get hurt. 

2. Develop A Content Calendar

While this may not be unique to law firms, it can lead to some serious mishaps and poor writing that reflects quite harshly on the firm.  When you do not develop a content calendar, it can be very easy to put writing off until the last minute.

Procrastination can lead to poor writing and even offensive or easily misconstrued messaging.

When you develop a content calendar, you outline all the topics that are to be discussed in the upcoming month and in what format they will be in.

This helps keep you to a schedule and it leaves room for flexibility when last-minute ideas pop up. Having a content calendar will also help you to keep yourself and your team accountable for deadlines.

It can seem overwhelming for many to produce and review content but if you chunk it, stick with a plan, and trust your systems, it will be worth it! 

3. Hire a Set of Outside Eyes

If your law firm ONLY uses fellow colleagues to proofread or edit content, you could be making a grave mistake.

Sometimes colleagues and friends are too close to the material, thus more easily able to miss common mistakes.

Plus, it can be very easy to gloss over how content can be misinterpreted by a wider audience when you, yourself belong to a narrower niche.

This is where hiring an editing professional with expertise in law comes in handy, as they can give your content a green light from a wider perspective. 

4. Have a clear WHY for your content

For your content to draw in an audience, there must be a clear why behind it. You must understand what makes your law firm different from the hundreds of thousands of others in your niche.

Knowing what makes your law firm different enables you to create content that is truly unique to you.

By promoting a unique message to your audience, you increase your credibility and create a more personable touch which helps when individuals are seeking out your services and are unfamiliar with obtaining legal advice. 

5. Don’t Create Boring Content with Technical Jargon

There is no way to get around it, legal terms are boring and technical which can put your audience to sleep. When it comes to creating content for your law firm blog, you must have content that explains why your audience should use your services.

While your audience may not expect the most exciting content out of you, you can make your content personalized by adding in connective moments.

Maybe show off the real faces of the firm or run video blogs about the firm’s processes; either way, creating a connection through content without technical law jargon is powerful.

6. Know Your Audience

This goes hand in hand with tip #5 because knowing your audience is a crucial step before beginning any piece of content. You should have customer personas built out for your business. If you practice in specific areas of law, you go over similar questions and answers during initial and client update consultations. Take that information and write on those subjects.

This will ensure you are providing content that your target audience actually cares about.

If there are other areas of law or other factors that affect your clients, touch on these. That way during your consultation, you can say, “I can send you more information on this subject when you leave”. Use this content to hit some of your main points across even harder.

Not only will that set you apart from other law firms but it will help you manage your clients and their expectations because we all know that can be the hardest part of the job.

An example would be timelines for settlements.

We know clients always want to know when they will have an answer or have their money. Making these expectations more clear can only help when it comes to managing clients. 

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7. Reuse your Content

If you reproduce a piece of content for your law firm, use that same topic or the content in a different way. Create a frequently asked questions article out of it, or a video on the same topic and use your post as the script.

Break down the content even further if it is a technical concept. Use the content to make guides or tri-folds to hand out to clients during consultations.

It’s great to get in the habit of using content in multiple ways because your audience absorbs knowledge in many different ways!

8. Get your Content out there

In today’s world, simply putting content on your website is usually not enough.

Why not? People are not waiting around checking your law firm’s website and blow to see if you are going to tell them what they need to know.

You need to get this content out in front of them and one of the best methods is social media.

When you write a blog update or piece of content, post it on your social media and get it in front of specific users.

To do this, you will want to make sure you have a Facebook pixel on your website. 

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