October 5, 2022

8 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence with Digital Marketing

In today’s world, where everyone is online, it’s likely that your next customer will find your business through your online channels. Either they will come across your website when searching Google, click through an advertisement on their social feeds, or find you through a recommendation. For businesses that want to thrive in the digital age, it’s important to always look for ways to boost your online presence, as this will allow you to capture more sales and revenue. Read on to find 8 digital marketing techniques you can use to boost your online presence in 2021.

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  1. Optimize Your Website: having a website is a necessity but if it doesn’t present you and your company in the best light possible, then it isn’t doing you any favors. Your website is one of the first channels that a customer is going to come in contact with and so the first impression is important. If they cannot find the right information on you or don’t know where to go within the website, you’re going to lose a lead. You should optimize your website by doing the following.
    1. Do on-site search engine optimization. Adjust your website to make it more friendly for search engine crawlers to understand its structure and the content within it. Optimize your search terms, titles, descriptions, and include evergreen content.
    2. Test your call-to-action buttons and forms to make sure they work.
    3. Make sure visitors can find all the information they need from you. This could be done through a knowledge bank or FAQ section.
  2. Work on Your Social Media Presence: if you are only on one social media platform, consider creating business profiles for other platforms that are used by or fit your industry. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are prime networks to be on. Work on laying out your future posts and scheduling them. Need inspiration for what to post?
    1. Find pain points that customers are discussing and jump into the conversation,
    2. Look at what your competitors are posting about,
    3. Research your audience to understand them and post about what is important to them,
    4. Make sure social media posts focus on what your brand offers,
    5. Cross-post your blogs,
    6. Follow others in your industry to garner ideas and opportunities to network.
  3. Launch a Blog on Your Website: a website with a blog that produces fresh, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis, is always going to rank higher than websites that never have new content to share. A blog helps your audience understand you, brings in leads, and it gives you a space to become an authoritative voice. The more content you share through your blog, the easier it is to network, gain credibility, and find new opportunities.
  4. Like the Camera or Have a Nice Voice? Consider creating video content or record a podcast and release it to your audience. It can be informational, educational, promotional, short, or long. It’s a great way to boost yourself in search rankings and it gives your audience a fun way to engage you. Plus, it is easy to share online with friends, family, and colleagues.
  5. Create a Unique Infographic: don’t ignore the power of visual media. Take an infographic for example, it’s easy to read, it’s quick to read, and it passes on a lot of high-value information in small, easy to digest chunks. It’s not complicated to create, and the use of illustrations say a lot more than what you can fit in with text alone. Plus, an infographic done right is beautiful to look at and it’s super easy to share.
  6. Create and Set Up a Newsletter: don’t discount the value that a regular newsletter has to existing customers and potential ones too. By sending regular newsletters out, not only do you keep your audience in the loop and remind them of you, but it is an effective marketing tactic. You can get a lot of click-throughs by including call-to-actions and if you segment out your newsletters, you can generate a lot of interest.
  7. Look for Opportunities to Guest Blog: if you have a large network of connections already or are very good at collaborating with people, consider looking for guest blogging opportunities. Not only can you increase your online presence, but you provide value to someone else which creates trust in you. You may get more visitors to your website this way.
  8. Design Paid Ad Campaigns & Launch Them: once your website is optimized and you have content to share, consider designing and launching a paid ad campaign. This is a great way to place your content, services, or products in front of your audience and it has quick results. You can do this through search engines or through social media websites.

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