July 2, 2021

How To Earn A Structured Snippet

When it comes to search engine results, the structured snippet has completely changed the game for those looking to optimize SEO strategies.


Not only does it allow users to see the information they need before they even click on your website link, but you don’t have to be ranked number one on the page to earn one.

Earning a structured snippet means an increase in traffic, visibility, and organic growth.

Here is what you need to know about structured snippets.

A structured snippet example from a Google Search.

What is a Structured Snippet? 

A structured snippet is an extension on a Google search result that gives a potential visitor an idea of what they might encounter before even entering the site. This is due to a recent change in Google’s search algorithms, meant to give consumers more meaningful upfront information, that being factual information concerning the nature of the underlying website, such as a list of brands of a given product.

Each structured snippet consists of up to two headers, followed by a set of values totaling no more than 25 characters in length.

The headers are meant to convey an immediate understanding of what the website contains through one or two words, such as ‘Brands’ or ‘Styles’.

Alternatively, the headers can contain a slogan or advertisement that directly references the product, such as ‘Built to Last’ or ‘Free Shipping’. A set of values consists of a list of products or services to be put in the spotlight. These could be popular brands, or services of great value, and relate directly to the header.

Are There Different Types of Structured Snippets? 

Yes! Search engines will kick back a featured snippet in one of three primary ways.  It will display a paragraph snippet, a list snippet, or a table snippet.  A paragraph snippet will display the result as a text paragraph inside the snippet box which may or may not be accompanied by an image.

A list snippet will display the result within the box as a numbered list of text.

Finally, a table snippet will display the result as an answer box that contains a ranking list of queries that belongs to the search. A table snippet can be quite difficult to earn as it requires very specific types of content. 

How to Earn One? 

There is no single way to guarantee that your page will get a structured snippet when searched, but there are three steps that you can take to give yourself the best chance possible of receiving one:

  • Keyword Research – Since the main point of a structured snippet is to provide relevant and meaningful information to readers, having the proper keywords will meet that requirement. Thus it’s important to do extensive and exhaustive research on proper keywords that will deliver the proper information to a wide range of potential search queries.
  • Optimize Web Page Content – Now that you have your keywords, you’ll need to work them into your site by creating, and inserting keyword-rich content. Be sure to include both text and images, as both are considered for the sake of structured snippets.
  • Organize Web Page Content – As a final touch, you will need to organize your website’s content in a manner that search engines are able to understand.  There are generally two ways in which you can organize your website to increase your chances of earning a snippet. The first is by using specific formatting techniques that are targeted towards the type of snippet you want to earn. For example, if you want your reader to have access to how-to instructions, using a bulleted list is more likely to earn you a snippet in this way. The second method is to implement schema markup, or vocabulary tags, to your HTML which will detail out your page’s content to the search engines. 

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By optimizing your website’s content, you can better answer your target audiences’ questions which may result in earning you a featured snippet.

If you do earn a structured snippet, you will increase your website’s visibility and garner more organic traffic.

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