April 17, 2023

LegitScript for Healthcare Merchants: Ensuring Safe and Legitimate Medical Advertising

Healthcare merchants have increasingly turned to social media platforms like Facebook to advertise their services to potential patients. However, this has also led to the proliferation of misleading, fraudulent, and unsafe advertisements by unscrupulous players seeking to capitalize on vulnerable individuals.

To tackle this problem, Facebook has partnered with LegitScript, a third-party certification service that verifies the legitimacy and safety of healthcare merchants advertising on its platform. LegitScript for Facebook is designed to protect users from harmful advertising practices and promotes responsible advertising in the medical industry.

Healthcare Merchants Advertising

How does LegitScript for Facebook work?

To become certified, healthcare merchants must submit detailed information about their organization, including ownership, licenses, accreditations, and treatment practices. LegitScript then conducts a comprehensive review of the information to ensure that the practice meets its rigorous standards.

Standards for certification include verifying that the medical practice is licensed and accredited by the appropriate state and federal agencies, that its treatment practices are evidence-based and ethical, and that its advertising practices comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. LegitScript also conducts ongoing monitoring of certified practices to ensure that they maintain their high standards.

Benefits of LegitScript for Facebook for healthcare merchants

By being certified, healthcare merchants can demonstrate their commitment to quality and ethics, differentiate themselves from unverified competitors, and access a wider pool of potential patients on Facebook. Additionally, certification helps to level the playing field for reputable healthcare merchants that may have been overshadowed by misleading or fraudulent advertising.

Moreover, LegitScript for Facebook has benefits for Facebook users as well. With a “Verified” badge, users can identify trustworthy healthcare merchants and avoid those that may be unsafe or fraudulent.

Qualifications for LegitScript Certification

To obtain LegitScript certification for medical advertising on Facebook, healthcare merchants must meet a set of stringent qualifications that demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and effective care to patients. These qualifications include:

  1. Licensing: To operate legally, healthcare merchants must hold valid licenses to operate in their state, and must adhere to all relevant state and federal regulations.
  2. Accreditation: When applying to the LegitScript Certification Program, healthcare merchants must obtain accreditation from a reputable accrediting body that has been approved by LegitScript. This accreditation process helps ensure that the practice provides high-quality care to its patients.
  3. Ethical Practices: For LegitScript certification, healthcare merchants must have established policies and procedures that ensure ethical conduct, including protocols for informed consent, patient privacy, and patient safety.
  4. Evidence-Based Treatment:  healthcare merchants must use evidence-based treatment methods that have been proven effective for the conditions they treat. This requirement is crucial in ensuring that patients receive quality care that is supported by scientific research and proven outcomes.
  5. Advertising Compliance:  healthcare merchants must comply with Facebook’s advertising policies and do not engage in deceptive or misleading advertising practices.
  6. Submit to Regular Quality Checks: To ensure that certified healthcare merchants maintain its rigorous standards, LegitScript mandates that these practices undergo regular quality checks. Through ongoing monitoring, LegitScript verifies that these healthcare merchants continue to meet the established criteria, and if any deviations are found, corrective action is taken to maintain the integrity of the certification program.

Meeting these qualifications ensures that healthcare merchants advertising on Facebook provide safe and effective care to their patients, and that their advertising practices are transparent and compliant with industry regulations. LegitScript certification also enables healthcare merchants to stand out from unverified competitors, gain access to a wider pool of potential patients on Facebook, and demonstrate their commitment to quality and ethics. Users looking for medical services on Facebook can trust that certified practices have met these qualifications and provide safe, effective, and ethical care.


LegitScript for Facebook is a much-needed initiative to promote safe and legitimate advertising practices in the medical industry. By partnering with a trusted third-party certification service like LegitScript, Facebook is taking a proactive stance in protecting its users and promoting responsible advertising practices. healthcare merchants that are committed to quality and ethics should consider applying for certification to demonstrate their commitment to their patients and their profession. Users can look for the “Verified” badge when searching for healthcare merchants on Facebook to ensure they are getting safe and legitimate treatment options.

Visit this link to apply now to get certified! If you’d like to get additional information, visit this link to learn more about the process and pricing.

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