August 30, 2022

Marketing and TikTok: Why and How You Should Include TikTok as Part of your Marketing Strategy

Has your business been investing in all other social media marketing strategies except TikTok marketing?

Truth is, TikTok can no longer be ignored. It’s the talk of everyday social media users, including adults and children. It could be because of the flexibility it offers its users, to do whatever they please with the app, to attract a massive following. Or simply the excitement that comes with its user-friendly features. Whichever the case, the TikTok wave is all over.

Also, you must have heard of TikTok for Business. Undoubtedly, the App is growing so rapidly to impact cultures, not only at social levels but business-wise. So, as a business, you cannot afford to miss out on the action. This is the right time to jump in and increase your ROI.

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Why Include TikTok as Part of your Business’s Marketing Strategy?

TikTok Ads

You can now enjoy TikTok ads as you would with other paid social media ads. From branded hashtags, in-feed ads, and branded effects to brand takeovers, there is so much more to enjoy in this space. Yes, the ads are somewhat expensive but rewarding.

TikTok is Not Yet Flooded

Even with its large following. Most people, especially businesses are yet to master the TikTok craft. There are still massive innovations going on, leaving enough room for new players to jump in and be part of TikTok’s amazing growth. So, if you’re a first adopter, here is an opportunity to do business with less competition.

Multiple Content

TikTok is a social media platform with a unique online expression. You just have to know how to play around with visuals and audio. Then switch on your creative button, experiment with many ideas, and see what works the best

TikTok Influencers

TikTok influencers can help push your brand narrative, and most of them are already established, with a good following. Work with influencers whose work resonates well with your business goal. Also, since TikTok is mainly for young people (13-24) it’s a goldmine whenever you’re targeting this demographic.

Going Viral Made Easy

With TikTok, everyone has an equal chance of thriving. Since the follower count doesn’t determine how content shows in the users’ feed, your one video has the same chance of going viral, as that of an established celebrity. You have to figure out what has been trending and craftily hop on it!

How to Market on TikTok Tips

  • It’s never that serious on TikTok. Master your craft, learn your audience, and avoid coming off as salesy.
  • Consume as much multiple TikTok content as possible. Master different tactics of using the platform and engaging with its users.
  • Keep tabs on your competitors. What are they posting? Search, research, and focus on honing your TikTok marketing skills.
  • Be consistent with your TikTok postings to boost your relationship with the algorithms, while leaving a little room for experimenting with the newest trends. An excellent social media marketing schedule will come in handy.
  • Always remember to track your TikTok marketing progress. Note the “hits”, and maximize them. Learn from the “misses”.

There you have it! As a business owner, today is the right time to consider investing in TikTok Marketing. Our social media marketing team is always on standby in case you need help. Feel free to reach out!

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