Website Design & Redesign

Website Design & Redesign

16 different animated website designs and re-designs

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well” – Brian Reed.

We can design anything you can imagine! Your website is either hurting your business or helping it! In other words, your website is either attracting new business or turning it away. Reality check; if it’s turning people away, then they are going to your competitor. What is yours doing? Have you lost a customer or are you losing a customer a week/ a day?

Your website is your businesses store front for the internet. In today’s Internet-dependent culture, companies websites are visited much more frequently than the actual brick and mortar building. Does your business embrace this? One way to figure this out is to calculate what you spend on your website and online advertising vs what you spend on your office expenses. You might not know you even need a new website but its worth the investment! Yes, it is an investment that has a calculated and specific rate of return; yours just might be negative.

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

Optimized Code

Custom Designs

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From e-commerce to services and anything in between, we are here to build a website for you!

Our company will work directly with you to develop a website that not only is good for your wallet, but that is fully responsive across all devices. Our design team’s goal is to keep users on your website, increase conversions, and convince your potential customers to purchase your products or services.

In 2015 internet search via phones surpassed desktop searches. What this tells us is that we should be first focusing on mobile device design and then on a desktop. Of course, our company ensures that no matter what device you are viewing the web page on, it will fit perfectly on the screen and function flawlessly.

If your current site was built before 2012, you most likely are ready for an upgrade to a response website!

Let us help you beat your competition by developing and maintaining your website! Contact us here.