August 15, 2023

Digital Marketing Strategies: What Must Be Included for Guaranteed Results

Here’s the thing… digital marketing is not online marketing or vice versa. These two terms are often used interchangeably and while this isn’t wrong, they do have subtle differences and end goals.

Digital marketing strategies

What’s the Difference?

  • A digital marketing strategy is there to help you connect with your customer and provide them with what they want. The goal here is to not necessarily sell them your product or service but instead, use digital channels, platforms, and devices to get your marketing message out there. This can be done offline or online, but is most commonly done through video, games, television ads, and content marketing.
  • Online marketing, a subset of digital marketing, is the process of using methods and tools, such as search engine optimization, pay-per click, social media marketing, and display advertising to get your products and services in front of your audience.

The main difference: digital marketing can be consumed offline, whereas, online marketing requires a live internet connection to work.

Not Getting the Results?

If your digital marketing strategy is not getting you the results you want, it might be due to you focusing through the wrong lens, as a business looking to sell rather than as a business looking to get in touch with their customers.

It’s okay. We see this happening all the time with businesses who are new to digital marketing. While it might be a bit confusing, as your natural instinct is going to be towards selling your products and services, we will outline how digital marketing can get you the results that will turn into revenue for you.

3 Elements That Must Be Included in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Blog Yourself into a Trusted Position. Blogging can be used as a tool to show your audience that you know what you are talking about. When your website’s blog delivers fresh content on a regular schedule, your clients learn to trust that you have something relevant and important to say. They can rely on you to provide them with valuable information on a consistent basis. The sharing of content in this form, helps you carve out a space on the web where you are the expert.

2. Use Content Marketing. While blogging and content marketing do overlap, content marketing is more about creating and distributing valuable content that provides customers with information that makes their decision to purchase from you, easier. A lot of content marketing techniques will use data-backed evidence, unique experience, and educational information to help the consumer make an informed decision. The goal here is to drive a profitable action from the customer. This can be done in any of the following methods.

a. Infographics,
b. eBooks,
c. Social networks,
d. Video content,
e. White papers,
f. Podcasts.

3. Optimize Your Website & Content. Imagine having a website with no logo, no name on it, and no unique characteristics to it. People may drop in and view the website, but it is likely that they won’t stay because you are probably not offering what they want and don’t look trustworthy anyways. Now add in search engine optimization to your website, including a proper name, a nice logo, and products that have associated search terms to them. This is the power of SEO in digital marketing. Why must you have it?

a. It makes your website easy to crawl by search engines, which means it will be more likely to pop up when someone searches for a keyword you have used in your copy.

b. It helps your customers find your business in a sea of thousands of others. How? It classifies your website through keywords. For instance, a website selling dog items will stand out against a competitor if they are using better, long-tail search terms.

c. It provides organic traffic to your website. People are far more likely to click your website link in the search results if it doesn’t appear in a paid ad.

d. It tells people exactly who you are & what you offer through meta tags, URLS, page design, and accessibility.

e. Localized SEO will help potential customers reach you easier by boosting your business listings for a specific physical region. It helps people find you and contact you by increasing your visibility.

SEO and digital marketing can be used together to create a strong marketing strategy that weaves search analytics, linking of web pages, and web copy with digital promotion of content like videos, blogs, and infographics.

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