July 12, 2023

5 Tips to Using Mobile Advertising in Small Business

Here’s the thing, there are 6.7 billion smartphones in use today. That’s just shy of 85% of the world’s total population, so it’s safe to say that these pocket computers aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. For small businesses, mobile devices have become a major benefit, as they provide one of the most effective advertising channels available. Why?

  • Mobile devices accounted for more than half of or 58.9% of global website traffic by the end of
  • 60% of searches done with Google, were done on mobile devices,
  • And 82% of smartphone shoppers will conduct “near me” searches before buying.

As a small business, if you can get your products, goods, and services in front of this kind of traffic, you’re going to end up seeing an increase in conversions. But, how do you do this?

5 Tips to Using Mobile Advertising in Small Business

How You Can Use Mobile Advertising & Engage Your Audience

1. Tap into Local Zip Codes.

As a small business owner, you have the unique ability to tap into your local area using geo-fencing. This is when you set up a virtual perimeter around a geographical location, like a mall or store, and then serve up mobile ads to it. This is effective as it provides those within the pre-defined area with advertisements for things like discounts and coupons. This brings in more foot traffic and leads.

You can also use zip codes and geo-aware ads. Set up your virtual perimeter around the zip code your business resides in, then use geo-aware ads to target mobile users. Geo-ads use real-time location data, so they factor in things like:

  • events happening in the area,
  • weather,
  • and even local conditions.

These work really well if your small business is located in a population-dense area with a lot of foot traffic.

2. Advertise Inside Popular Apps.

With 65% of smartphone users having at least one game on their smartphone and 90% having a social app, shopping app, entertainment app, or search app, it’s safe to say that advertising within applications is a great route to go. With the billions of available applications, there is a high chance that your audience will notice your ad in the app they are using. If they take action on it, that’s a win for you.

3. Use Your Campaigns Effectively.

While you can use Google AdWords to run, manage, and optimize your advertising campaigns, it works on a pay-per-click basis. If you’re already running Google AdWords and are seeing high click rates but minimal conversions, your mobile advertising is going to waste on accidental clicks. With how small smartphone screens are nowadays, it is very easy to accidentally click on an ad through a website or while using a mobile app. Instead, use services like Google AdMob which delivers targeted, relevant, and non-annoying ads seamlessly into mobile apps. What kind of ads can you run with Google AdMob?

a. Native ads that look like they naturally fit right into your mobile app,
b. Banner ads that are anchored to the top or bottom of the mobile screen,
c. Rewarding ads which provide an incentive to watch or click on the ads,
d. Interstitial ads will only appear at natural breaks without disrupting the app experience.

Using ads like these will maximize and monetize the clicks you get without it being on a click-per-basis campaign.

4. Your Website? Make a Mobile Version ASAP.

Not every website template, coding, or design is made with mobile devices in mind. If your website isn’t optimized for smartphones and tablets, your visitors will have a hard time finding the information they want from your small business. Definitely consider creating a mobile version of your website.

5. Give Something to Your Consumers.

Mobile app users prefer to cash in on deals and coupons. They are also far more likely to sign up for newsletters that offer unique promotions. Whereas, sitting through a commercial break or being forced to watch an ad can be frustrating. To market your small business effectively, engage your customers with mobile advertisements that have a strong incentive, a strong call to action, and an irresistible deal.

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